How to Watch German Football Bundesliga Live Streams

Watch German football Bundesliga on the Apple iPad via Sky Go

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Sure, you can watch the matches of the German football Bundesliga on TV: Telekom via IPTV (“Entertain”) and Sky via satellite and TV cable (“Welt” and Fußball Bundesliga”) are offering live broadcasts of all games of the Bundesliga. At Saturday night, public channels such as ARD and ZDF show highlights of the games that haven been played that day. But what about when you are not at home or in a pub but in a parc or on the way instead? Here is a short overview of how to watch live streams of the German football Bundesliga on your mobile.

Telekom Liga total! via 3G for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android smart-phones

For watching German Bundesliga matches via Telekom’s channel “Liga total!”, users can choose between two pricing models: They can either pay € 1.95 for each day they receive live streams of the football matches or they book a monthly plan for € 4.95 per month with a minimum term commitment of three months. iPhone users can only book the monthly plan – the daily plan is not available to them.

Telekom broadcasts its “Liga total!” live streams onto mobile devices over its 3G network. The Telekom Bundesliga live coverage cannot be received via WiFi or via mobile data roaming.

User need to have either a 3G phone, tablet or notebook of Telekom, an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or an Android smart-phone. iPhone users can download the necessary “Mobile TV” app for free from the iTunes AppStore, users of Android smart-phones from the Android Market. Users of other 3G phones or tablets bought at Telekom stores can book the “Liga total!” options via the “web’n’walk” menu on their mobile device. Look for the “Mobile TV” rubric. Notebook users with a 3G web stick can book “Liga total!” on-line at

More information on “Liga total!” you will find at the Telekom website.

Sky Go via WiFi for iPad

Pay TV channel Sky offers an app for the Apple iPad called “Sky Go” at the iTunes AppStore with which iPad users with Sky subscription can receive live streams of the German football Bundesliga matches. Requirements are: The user must first have a regular Sky subscription for the TV packages “Welt” and “Fußball Bundesliga” for € 33.90 per month with a 12 months minimum term commitment. For the mobile option “Sky Go”, Sky subscribers pay additional € 12.00 per month. The first 30 days are free of charge for testing the mobile streaming service.

Get more information on the “Sky Go” mobile option at the Sky website.


At the iTunes AppStore, Android Market and other download platforms, there are several apps for news, statistics and live scores of the German football Bundesliga matches. On the Internet, users can also find inofficial live streams, but retrieving them is – at least – a legal gray area.

AreamobileRead more about German football Bundesliga live streams at (in German).

3 thoughts on “How to Watch German Football Bundesliga Live Streams

  1. Zuzu

    Sky go section needs to be corrected. You need a sky subscription, plus an additional subscription to ESPN (through sky), as they show all the bundesliga matches on sky. The sky go app itself is free and will show you all of the following if they are part of your subscription package: sky sports channels, espn, sky news and some sky movies channels.

  2. Zuzu

    p.s. my comments are relevant for people in the UK wanting to watch bundesliga on sky, no idea how it works on sky germany (oops). So instead of a correction, consider it an addition of info for the UK ;-)

    1. Bjoern Post author

      Thanks for the additional info, Zuzu. As written in the post, Sky Go users in Germany need a regular Sky subscription, too, but not an additional subscription to a sports channel.


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