Vodafone Starts Selling iPhone 4 in Germany in October (Supposedly)

Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4, Picture: Phone Guide Germany

For Apple fans it is breaking news: There is increasing indication that the Telekom will lose its exclusive rights to market the Apple iPhone in Germany with contract soon. According to German web magazine Macnotes, Vodafone will start selling the iPhone 4 in Germany on October 28th. Until recently, Vodafone had been offering its customers imported iPhone smart-phones. The iPhone 4 will be available at Vodafone stores only with net lock and with a plan with a long minimum term commitment of 24 months. That means people buying the iPhone 4 at a Vodafone store in Germany can only use it with a Vodafone SIM card and plan.

Macnotes writes that the iPhone plans of Vodafone will probably be similar to those of Telekom Deutschland (T-Mobile). In two weeks, the operator will disclose more information about the new partnership with Apple and about the iPhone 4 offer. There will also be an advertising campaign starting at the middle of October. There are also rumours that O2 Germany will officially market the iPhone in Germany soon, too.

If you are looking for an Apple iPhone 4 without SIM lock, you should check the offers of German web stores. Purchase prices for the current iPhone smart-phone start at € 800.00 without plan. For further information please read my article on how to buy the iPhone 4 in Germany.

Metro Sells iPhone 3G S 8 GB

From today the German self-service wholesale retailer Metro offers for sale the iPhone 3G S without SIM lock and plan until October 6th. The purchase price for the iPhone 3G S with 8 GB storage capacity is € 594.99 including VAT. Is that a good offer? Not really: At German web stores imported iPhone 3G S are available for purchase prices beginning at € 575.00 without plan. Metro serves to registered trade professionals such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, traders and other business professionals only.

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