Tchibo Mobil

Provider: Tchibo Mobil
Prepaid Price Plan: Einheitstarif
Network: O2

The Tchibo Mobil prepaid price plan offers low rates for calls, SMS and mobile Internet access within Germany as well as for mobile phone calls from Germany to home phones in other EU states, USA and Canada. Smartphones sold at Tchibo stores are usually SIM locked. Once in a while Tchibo Mobil does offer customers free on-net calls.

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Set-up Fee: € 9.95 (with € 5.00 credit)
Monthly Fee:
Monthly Minimum Amount:
Minimum Term:
Recharging: vouchers, direct debit

Basic Rates:
Calls: € 0.09/min
Texting: € 0.09/SMS
Mobile Data: € 0.24/MB

Mobile phone calls from Germany to home phones in other EU states, USA and Canada cost € 0.09 per minute.

Tariff Options:
50 min. for calls: 2.95/mth
100 min. for calls: 5.95/mth
Flat for on-net calls: 2.95/mth
Flat for calls to home phones: 9.95/mth
Flat for all calls: 24.95/mth
50 SMS: 2.95/mth
100 SMS: 5.95/mth
SMS flat: 9.95/mth
Mobile data day flat (1 GB/mth): 2.95/day
Mobile data flat (300 MB): 6.95/mth
Mobile data flat (500 MB): 9.95/mth
Mobile data flat (5 GB): 19.95/mth

Smartphone Tariff:
100 calling minutes, 100 text messages (SMS) and a mobile data flat rate with 300 MB high-speed traffic per month: 9.95/mth

SIM Cards:
SIM, micro SIM (nano SIM in 2013)

At Tchibo web store
At Tchibo stores

SIM Cards
SIM and micro SIM

English Language Website: no

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