Lidl Mobile

Provider: Lidl Mobile
Prepaid Price Plan: Classic
Network: O2

The Lidl Mobile Classic prepaid price plan offers low rates for calls, SMS and mobile Internet access within Germany and a monthly cost limit of € 40.00 for these services (except for booked tariff options). Mobile phone calls from Germany to other European states and the the USA and Canada cost € 0.09 (to home phones) or € 0.29 (to mobiles) per minute.

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Set-up Fee: € 9.95 (with € 10.00 credit)
Monthly Fee:
Monthly Minimum Amount:
Minimum Term:
Recharging: vouchers, direct debit

Basic Rates:
Calls: € 0.09/min
Texting: € 0.09/SMS
Mobile Data: € 0.24/MB

Tariff Options:
Flat rate for on-net calls and on-net SMS: 3.95/mth
Mobile data flat (500 MB): 6.95/mth
Mobile data roaming day flat in EU (10 MB): 3.00/day

Smartphone Tariff
400 units (calling minutes or text messages) and mobile data flat rate with 300 MB high-speed traffic per month with a 1-month minimum term: € 9.95/mth

SIM Cards:
SIM, micro SIM

At Lidl web store
At Lidl supermarkets

In order to activate the Lidl Mobile SIM card, customers must be at least 16 years of age, have a German banking account have a residence in Germany.

English Language Website: no

4 thoughts on “Lidl Mobile

  1. Foreigner in Germany

    I bought this card 12th october 2012
    I tried to activate the card, but I could not.
    It can not be activated if you do not have an account at a German bank.
    So, a foreigner without a bank account can not use this card.
    You can buy one, but you can not use (activate)!

  2. American on vacation in Germany

    You definitely can activate Lidl mobile SIM without having German bank account. But you need to be careful which SIM you purchase. There are two SIMS sold at Lidl. One is called “CLASSIC TARIF” and the other is called “SMART TARIF”. For those without a German Bank Account, you must purchase the “Classic TARIF” SIM. Make sure that when you go to purchase, that you request the Classic Tarif and they bring the correct one to you before you open it. Good luck and safe travels!

  3. Dude

    What if you have (or are going to get) a German bank account. The instructions that come with the SIM are all in German and lidl’s website can’t even be google-translated (at least every time I try)? How am I supposed to give them any of my information?

    Thanks in advance…


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