Edeka Mobil

Provider: Edeka Mobil
Prepaid Price Plan: Basistarif
Network: Vodafone

The Edeka Mobil prepaid price plan offers low rates for calls, texting (SMS) and mobile Internet within Germany and a good network coverage.

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Set-up Fee: € 9.99 (with € 10.00 credit)
Monthly Fee:
Monthly Minimum Amount:
Minimum Term:
Recharging: vouchers, direct debit, credit card

Basic Rates:
Calls: € 0.09/min
Texting: € 0.09/SMS
Mobile Data: € 0.24/MB

Mobile phone calls from Germany to other European states and the the USA and Canada cost € 0.09 (to home phones) or € 0.29 (to mobiles) per minute.

Tariff Options:
Flat rate for calls to home phones: 9.99/mth
Flat rate for on-net calls and on-net SMS: 2.99/mth
Flat rate for SMS: 9.95/mth
Mobile data flat rate (500 MB): 9.95/mth

SIM Cards:
SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM

At Edeka supermarkets

In order to activate the Edeka Mobil SIM card, customers must be at least 16 years of age amd have a residence in Germany.

Website (just in German)

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