O2 Germany Adds Flat Rate Option to Prepaid Cell Phone Plan O2 o

O2 Germany Logo, Source: O2 Germany

O2 Germany Logo, Source: O2 Germany

German operator O2 Germany adds a flat rate option to the prepaid cell phone plan O2 o. The flat rate option “Prepaid Handyflatrate” for O2 o users costs 20 euros for a 30-day period and covers the expenses for all mobile phone calls to home phones in Germany and within the O2 Germany mobile network. Customers buying a new SIM card for 14.99 euros and topping up credit of 15 euros will receive the new flat rate option for two months for free. When ordering the prepaid SIM card online at www.o2online.de, the user will also have to pay 3.95 euros for delivery.

O2 o users can activate the prepaid flat rate option by dialing the number 104 or by sending an SMS message with “START FLATRATE” to the number 5667. After two months the flat rate option will be cancelled automatically. Newly topped up credit is valid for six months.

The prepaid cell phone plan O2 o comes with short minimum term of one month. Users pay 15 cents per minute for calls and 15 cents per SMS message to home phones and other mobile phones in Germany. The maximum price for mobile phone calls and sending SMS messages within Germany amounts to 60 euros – thus the O2 o prepaid cell phone plan itself is a flat rate price plan for mobile phone calls and SMS. Accessing the internet via GPRS or UMTS costs 9 cents per minute.

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