NimbuzzOut: Cheap Rates for International Calls by Cell Phone

Nimbuzz Client on Apple iPhone, Source: Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz Client on Apple iPhone, Source: Nimbuzz

NimbuzzOut is a new telephone service by Nimbuzz. Registered mobile phone users can download the Nimbuzz voice over IP client on their cell phone and buy credit for phone calls to other mobiles or landlines. For this purpose, NimbuzzOut sets up a VoIP connection via a UMTS or HSPA or via a WiFi network. Thus, NimbuzzOut can offer cheap rates for some mobile phone calls to other mobile phones or for international calls. In order to top up credit NimbuzzOut users need to pay by Visa or Mastercard.

For example, mobile phone calls to other cell phones in Germany cost 16 cents per minute, to home phones in Germany 2 cents per minute. For mobile phone calls from Germany to mobiles in the UK and in the United States NimbuzzOut users pay 16.4 cents per minute, for calls to home phones in Poland, the UK and the United States 1.4 cents per minute. For mobile phone calls with NimBuzzOut to Turkey Nimbuzz charges 2.2 cents per minute (to home phones) or 32.4 cents per minute (to cell phones). Nimbuzz will not charge users for incoming calls.

Since Nimbuzz uses a data connection, additional charges by the operator will apply unless the user has an unlimited data plan or use a free WiFi hotspot. It is advisable that users book an unlimited flat rate data plan to avoid additional costs for phone calls via NimbuzzOut.

NimbuzzOut is available for Nokia Symbian S60 3rd edition devices and iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The mobile client is currently available from the iTunes Apps Store or the Ovi store. Users can download Nimbuzz to their phone directly from the Nimbuzz website or from their phone browser at The client uses the native address book on the mobile phone instead of creating a second contact list on the phone. As long as customers make at least one NimbuzzOut call at least once every six months, credits will not expire.

More information about NimbuzzOut you will get at

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