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With the O2o Special Edition, we have seen a cell phone price plan with a short minimum term and a cost limit of € 40.00 per month for mobile phone calls and SMS before. Now, a similar prepaid offer of O2 Germany subsidiary Fonic is available at Lidl supermarkets only. This price plan called “Lidl Mobile” is quite attractive for mobile phone users: Actually, one can speak of the Fonic prepaid price plan as a flat rate tariff since subscribers will not pay more than the fixed amount per month for mobile phone calls and for sending text messages (SMS) within Germany.

The Lidl Mobile price plan is available only at some selected Lidl stores. At interested mobile phone users can find out where the nearest Lidl supermarket is.

With the “Lidl Mobile” price plan mobile phone users pay € 0.09 for every calling minute and for each text message sent within Germany. When they have reached the € 40.00 cost limit they can make mobile phone calls and send SMS without being charged any further. Checking voice mail within Germany is free of charge. “Lidl Mobile” can also be used for low-rate international calls from Germany to 50 European and North American countries: The prices per minute for such calls to landlines is € 0.09 and € 0.29 to other mobile phones. For accessing the Internet over the mobile network of operator O2 Germany via GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSPA with up to 7.2 mbps (download), “Lidl Mobile” subscribers are charged € 0.24 per megabyte.

The prepaid starter package including the SIM card and 75 free calling minutes costs € 9.95. In order to buy the prepaid starter package, users must be at least 16 years old and must have a banking account in Germany and must indicate a residence in Germany. It is also possible to buy a prepaid starter package and give it to somebody else as a present. The presentee must register later on on-line or by calling the service hotline at 0800 4636642. New calling credit can be topped up by direct debit or by buying a prepaid voucher.

At the Fonic web store this new prepaid price plan “Lidl Mobile” cannot be booked. Currently, the regular O2o prepaid price plan of O2 Germany comes with a monthly cost limit of € 50.00.

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2 thoughts on “Lidl Mobile: New Prepaid Flat Rate Tariff of Fonic

  1. Daphne Parliari

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I just moved in to Bonn and I have a lidl-mobile card in me cell-phone.
    What do I have to do in order to refill my balance?

    1. Bjoern Post author

      Hi Daphne – you can top up new calling credit by buying a voucher at Lidl supermarkets, on-line at the customers service web menu, by direct debit or by SMS. I suggest you go to a Lidl supermarket and buy a voucher of 15 or 30 euros because you don’t need to arrange anything in advance for this.


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