Lidl Offers 3G Web Stick and Flat Rate Tariffs for Mobile Internet

Lidl offers 3G web stick for mobile Internet

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The pay as you go tariff Lidl Mobile of grocery retailer Lidl ist quite interesting: With the “Lidl Mobile” price plan mobile phone users pay € 0.09 per minute for mobile phone calls and € 0.09 per for each text message sent within Germany until they have reached a billing amount of € 40.00 – from then on Lidl Mobile will not be charged for further mobile phone calls and SMS until the next billig cycle begins. Upcoming Thursday, December 9th, Lidl will add mobile data flat rate tariffs and a 3G web stick for notebook and netbook users to its “Lidl Mobile” offer.

The 3G web stick and the “Lidl Mobile” SIM card will be available at Lidl supermarkets for € 49.95, buyers of the prepaid starter package can choose between two different flat rate tariffs for accessing the Internet over the mobile network of O2 Germany via GPRS or UMTS: the “24h Flatrate” for € 1.99 per day of usage and the “Monatsflatrate” for € 14.99 per month. As common in Germany, there is a limited allocation of data volume for faster downloads and uploads via EDGE, UMTS or HSPA: Users of the “Lidl Mobile” tariff “Monatsflatrate” get 5 GB data volume over a 30-day period for faster data transfers, users of the tariff “24h Flatrate” get 500 MB data volume per day for faster data transfers.

The “Lidl Mobile” prepaid starter package including two SIM cards with 75 free calling minutes each is available for € 9.95 at Lidl stores. This offer is valid until December 24th. The connection manager software is installed on the 3G web stick and will install itself on the laptop as soon as the users connects the 3G web stick to his or her laptop. At interested mobile phone users can find out where the nearest Lidl supermarket is.

With the “Lidl Mobile” SIM card users can make mobile phone calls within Germany for € 0.09 per minute and send text messages (SMS) for € 0.09 per message. Checking voice mail in Germany is free of charge. The pay as you go tariff “Lidl Mobile” can also be used for low-rate international calls from Germany to 50 European and North American countries: The prices per minute for such calls to landlines is € 0.09 and € 0.29 to other mobile phones.

Currently, you will find a very similar offer at Aldi supermarkets. Main difference between the two pay as gou go tariffs “Lidl Mobile” and “Aldi Talk”: Lidl Mobile customers make phone calls over the network of O2 Germany, Aldi Talk customers over the E-Plus network. Generally speaking, the O2 Germany network offers better UMTS and HSPA coverage, but because of regional differences this general statement may not help the individual user when trying to decide on a certain prepaid mobile data tariff.

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4 thoughts on “Lidl Offers 3G Web Stick and Flat Rate Tariffs for Mobile Internet

  1. kruti

    Hi Bjoern,

    i’m having trouble unlocking the stick. I have the code, but when i put in another sim, it doesn’t ask for an unlocking code.

    any tips?

  2. kruti

    Ohh thank you!

    does the sim have to particularly be activated for laptop internet? Because when attempting to unlock the stick with the code, I inserted my blackberry vodafone sim but it would not ‘connect’

    although when i received my alice SIM and was activated for laptop internet use, it worked perfectly with the LIDL stick. I thought that it only worked because they were both using the O2 network and perhaps this didn’t matter.

    But if you say it’s not locked, then i’ll take your word for it!

    by any chance, do you know if the alice mobile internet stick is locked? (i haven’t received it yet, so i can’t test it)


    1. Bjoern Post author

      Usually, all devices offered by O2 or its brands and partner brands such as Alice, Fonic, Lidl and Tchibo come unlocked. This should be the case with the Alice web stick as well.


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