Fyve: New Pay as You Go Tariff by Vodafone

Fyve: New pay as you go tariff by Vodafone Germany

Ad for the Vodafone pay as you go tariff Fyve, Picture: Sevenone Intermedia

Next Tuesday, October 19th, Vodafone Germany and SevenOne Intermedia GmbH launch a new pay as you go tariff called “Fyve”. The new prepaid price plan offers low rates of € 0.09 per minute for mobile phone calls within Germany as well as for international calls from Germany to landlines in 33 selected countries and of € 0.09 per message for texting. Checking voice mail in Germany is free of charge. Accessing the Internet by cell phone or smart-phone (or even by using a 3G web stick and a netbook or a notebook) with the Fyve prepaid plan is only possible when the customer has booked one of the two mobile data tariff options “Vielsurfer-Paket” for € 5.00 per month or “Flatrate-Paket” for € 10.00 per month.

With the “Vielsurfer-Paket” tariff option for € 5.00 per month, Fyve users can surf the web over the Vodafone network via GPRS or UMTS with a data transfer speed of up to 384 kbps (download). As soon as the user has transfered 150 MB data volume the mobile Internet connection will be cut off. The tariff option “Flatrate-Paket” for € 10.00 for a 30-day period offers a maximum data transfer speed of 7.2 mbps (download) via HSPA and unlimited data volume. However, Vodafone will reduce the maximum data transfer speed to GPRS level for the remaining days of that 30-day billing cycle as soon as the Fyve user has transfered more than 500 MB.

Fyve Micro SIM Cards for Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad

Services such as voice over IP or instant messaging are not allowed with this prepaid tariff. Due to the small amount of data volume available for faster data transfers, the Fyve prepaid SIM card is not really suited for being used for accessing the Internet over the Vodafone network by netbook or notebook regularly. However, Vodafone also offers micro SIM cards so that the Fyve prepaid plan can also be used with the Apple iPad or an iPhone 4 (without SIM lock).

The prepaid starter package for the Fyve tariff is available for €9.95 plus € 5.00 for delivery and includes the SIM card and call credit of € 1.00. New customers get the mobile data tariff option “Vielsurfer-Paket” free for a one-month period.

The prepaid starter package can only be ordered at the Fyve website at www.fyve.de and will only be delivered to customers in Germany. New customers can pay by bank transfer, direct debit or by credit card. New call credit can be topped up by buying a Vodafone prepaid voucher at a Vodafone shop, at a gas station or at a drug store, on-line over the “My Five” customer area or automatically by direct debit.

The list of countries for low-rate international calls with the Fyve prepaid plan includes: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, France, Greece, the UK, Israel, Italy, Japan, Croatia, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, Spain and a few others. Mobile phone calls with the Fyve prepaid tariff from Germany to home phones in other countries not included in this selection and and to all mobile phones outside of Germany cost € 1.49 per minute.

FYVE – Schluss mit dem Tarif-Wahnsinn (Frau) – MyVideo

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  3. Joe

    In June 2011, i went to Germany for a holiday. I bought Vodafone microsim and 500MBytes for ONE WEEK for 25€. Nominally it worked, BUT a) i had to manually enter the SIM PIN each time i used the iPad and b) there was no coverage in MOST areas outside towns while w were in intercity trains. Coverafe on the autobahns was good.

    I recommend trying another brand hoping for full coverage and lower costs.


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