Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch Not Available in Germany

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, Picture: Amazon

Amazon will launch its first tablet Kindle Fire on November 21st in the United States. Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire will not be available in Germany because here Amazon does not offer such a broad range of content services as in America. For example, in Germany Amazon still does not offer the movie download service which had been launched in America in February. However, given that the Kinde Fire will be successful in the United States and Amazon will broaden its range of content services and apps in its German web store, the Amazon tablet will come to Germany eventually.

When you look at the features of the Kindle Fire, which runs on an older Android version with an Amazon user interface, you might critisize it for lacking certain functionalities that are common to other tablets in the market. But think about what target group Amazon is addressing with the Kindle Fire. It is intended to be a truly affordable mass market device and offers just all the features that are necessary for consuming media content at home or on the way: a fast dual core processor with 1 GHz, a 7-inch IPS touch-screen with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels, Wifi for accessing the Internet and content downloads, the fast web browser Silk and 8 GB memory as well as web storage for all Amazon content. Furthermore, it sports a Micro-USB port, a 3.5-millimeter headset jack and stereo loudspeakers. There is neither a camera, nor 3G support, a slot for a memory card or access to the Android Market. And not to forget: The Amazon Kindle Fire is small enough to be easily carried in a jacket’s pocket.

Amazon Devices Available in the USA

Amazon Devices Available in the USA, Picture: Amazon

The real advantage of the Amazon Kindle Fire for unsers who are not technophilic will be the entire ecosystem of the Amazon tablet and all the Amazon web services and content optimized for the Kindle Fire. Everything will run without causing any problems – just like the Apple iPad and iTunes and the Apple AppStore. So, why does the Apple iPad 2 (at least € 479.00) cost so much more money than the Amazon Kindle Fire ($ 199.00 which is € 146.00)? Probably, because Apple can rely on its brand name and a loyal fan group and the iPad with its greater functional range addresses another target group than the Amazon tablet.

And what about the pricing of the Honeycomb tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom or the pricing of the Blackberry Playbook? Why are these devices much more expensive than the Kindle Fire? That’s is a question the Samsungs, Motorolas and RIMs will have to answer soon.

Amazon Ebook Readers Available in Germany

Amazon Ebook Readers Available in Germany, Picture: Amazon

In addition to the Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon has introduced two new ebook readers with touch-screen as well. Likewise, you won’t be able to buy these two touch-screen readers in Germany at first. The only Amazon devices that are available in Germany are the new version of the Kindler eReader (€ 99.00), the Kindle Keyboard Wifi (€ 119.00) and the Kindle Keyboard 3G (€ 159.00).


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