Aldi Talk Cuts Prices for Mobile Phone Calls and SMS

Mobile phone provider Medion Mobile cuts prices in its prepaid price plan Aldi Talk. From now on, new customers and existing Aldi Talk users pay EUR 0.11 per minute for mobile phone calls to home phones and other mobile phones in Germany and EUR 0.11 for every SMS message sent within Germany. Until today, Aldi Talk users were charged EUR 0.12 for these services. Accessing the internet over the E-Plus network via GPRS or UMTS costs EUR 0.24 per megabyte.

Since Aldi Talk offers free voice mail checks, a community tariff of EUR 0.03 per minute for calls between Aldi Talk users and a billing in 1-second units after the first minute of a phone call, this is a very fair deal.

Medion Mobile offers several tariff options for Aldi Talk users: There is a community tariff for mobile phone calls and SMS between Aldi-Talk users over a 30-days period which can be booked for EUR 3.99. For EUR 14.99 customers can make unlimited mobile phone calls and send unlimited SMS messages to home phones as well as Aldi Talk customers in Germany. For mobile data services there is a day flat rate tariff for EUR 1.99 or a 30-day flat rate tariff for EUR 14.99.

The prepaid starter package (SIM card and calling credit of EUR 10.00) is available at Aldi supermarkets for EUR 12.99. In addition, Medion Mobile sells an UMTS surf stick for EUR 59.99 to notebook or netbook users. According to my experince, the mobile network of E-Plus supports GPRS, EDGE and UMTS with data transmission rates of up to 440 kbps.

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teltarifRead more about Aldi Talk at (in German).

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